saturday was insane…..


i can’t wait to post my pics from Three Apples (the Hello Kitty exhibition)….and i keep thinking about how nice Simone Legno (Tokidoki creator and ultra nice guy!!!) was! I am still a little bit annoyed about the fact that the Three Apples Super Fan Appreciation day was more like a Test-how-long-you-can-stand-on-the-sidewalk-in-line (we had to wait in line to get in from approx. 8:30 am to 10 something am, then we had to wait in line again from 10 something until past 1pm for the signing with Simone & Hello Kitty Mama, then we had to wait in line again to go to the Pop Up Shop.) I still don’t understand why an event with such an established following was held in a venue that small….

The Tiger Army show at the Wiltern was unbelievably awesome! so glad i had the chance to hear “Hechizo de Amor” LIVE!!!!!!!!! apparently they had only played it live at a show once before saturday night! i feel honored and privileged!!!!!!!!!!! Miss Derringer was really really good too! I had never heard of them or their music before and now Mr. Teddybearface and I are totally hooked! “All the pretty things” is a great song! I love it! Weeeeeeeeee…follow up post later…

Update: 11/18: decided not to do a follow up post because all it would be is a litany of complaints about standing in line and how much i wanted the tokidoki x hello kitty 35th anniversary boston bag but they were sold out by the time i got to the pop up shop. however, here are some of the pics i took, since that was pretty much all there was to do in line for over 6 hours…see? i’m already whining!


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