psychobilly kitty meow…


i can’t wait ’til the following items arrive in my not-so-secret p.o. box:

– my horrorpops cds
– my miss derringer cd that i ordered almost a month ago
– my public zoo tshirt the special online offer one
– my tokidoki x marvel shirt (this won’t be shipped until february 2010)
– my tokidoki x hello kitty shirt and my tokidoki trick or treat shirt (see karmaloop rep code: ultracutebot tab to get great deals on tokidoki & more or click on the widget at the bottom of the page)

i’m excited about the whole nick 13 solo project but i really don’t see myself going to the stagecoach festival in april just to see him…hopefully he will book more gigs before then (?)

i’m sleepy…no naps today…baby woke me up at approximately 6am crying & screaming…super fun…

i’m super bummed that i can’t go to the grand opening of the tokidoki store on melrose in LA on december 12th. i was really hoping to meet simone legno again! who knows maybe he will be at wondercon 2010? and if not wondercon, maybe comiccon 2010?


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