i <3 chibibotness


i tried drawing captain gundam from sd gundam today…it turned out alright but it took me forever to just draw his head & color it that i didn’t get a chance to draw the rest of him…i also drew mighty muggs soundwave but it turned out pretty funky and i didn’t get to color it. i brought my sketchbook to work hoping that i might get another chance to try to draw captain gundam but i doubt that will happen…

i would like to draw more gir stuff soon…i did a few like 3 years ago but i think they are also in storage (?) gir = ultracutebotness

another bot i would like to draw eventually is the chick starscream from the TF Animated show that was on cartoon network…

i wish loungefly would bring back the line of HK stuff where she was a robot…that’s so ultracutebot….

i need to work…i’m 2 weeks behind on some stupid data entry logging crap. :(


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