social networking sites are killing me


ha, not really. although what would you call that? like facebook-itus…that sounds like a nasty std…yuck…twittermania? i think i have that…anyway, i have spent a RIDICULOUS amount of time on twitter today…also google searching all the weird crap that ties into twitter like twittergrader, tweetstats etc. i’ve also joined 2 forums, mighty muggs forum & allspark, that I sincerely doubt i will check or post to on a regular basis.

i really think facebook is annoying and will probably delete my account soon and not reactivate ever again. i didn’t like pokemon, so why would i want to be a part of something that collects people like pokemon? besides it’s mostly a bunch of fake bullshit because if facebook is the absolute only way to reach a person, then you are most likely not actually good friends, despite what you may have been.

but as i sit here and complain about facebook, i am hopelessly addicted to twitter, and i <3 the seesmic desktop app, particularly because the little icon is of a cute yet creepy looking raccoon that looks suspiciously like it has rabies and will attempt to eat your soul…

and sadly, i am obsessed with my own blog. yes, narcissistic, i know but true. i’m frustrated with wordpress due to alot of its limitations like few available widgets, and a very boring selection of 70+ themes, most of which don’t have enough widget space for the widgets that i would put on there if they were compatible with which alot aren’t…but i do love wordpress for not being as much of a people-pokemon collecting blogging site, and its privacy options are pretty decent.

so yes, i am addicted to twitter & wordpress. which is causing my work productivity level to plummet. perhaps i should make a graph later to further illustrate how much time and thought i’m wasting at work on non-work related pursuits, and how i am falling further and further behind with my work to-do-list.

i need to go home. and guess what? when i go home, i’m probably going to continue what i’ve been doing all day, which is being a sad sad little slacker, being a master *ahem* mistress of time suckage a la reality bites, aimlessly wandering the internet on an endless search for meaning where there is none.


2 thoughts on “social networking sites are killing me

  1. caustica

    i just got ahold of dan, ryan, and elena on FB… all people that used to be my bffs in ashland and they all live in portland now and i can’t wait to see them again because we’ve already all made plans… FB doesn’t have to be evil.

    .. although stephanie santos added me a little while ago… *random!* so i accepted her request and i commented on one of her photos (she looked super cute) and just randomly asked her about christine in the pic convo we were having…

    low and behold i get the friend request from christine… i don’t know… our parents have always been good friends, but i still think it’s weird… most profiles i see have @ least 200 friends… yeah right!!

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