sin city’s shellie & lucille; iron man tokidoki x marvel style


scanned some of my old 2006 drawings inspired by frank miller’s sin city (these 2 have my initials from before i got married)

shellie from sin city by frank miller

lucille from sin city by frank miller

and here’s something i did last night in anticipation of the tokidoki x marvel release in february.


i really want to learn how to draw chibibotness fairly consistently. i’ve tried doing stuff inspired by lil formers and my mr. bear’s drawings, but so far have not been doing as well as i’d like. i’m so tired…i’ve been staying up into the weeeee hours because i’ve been trying to really get time to myself…overall i’m happy to be a parent, but dammit, sometimes i just need some time alone…also, i’ve been trying to get back into drawing as an outlet for all the crap that’s swimming around in my brain…ewww i just realized that makes my brain sound like a sewer…i wonder if i have pizza eating teenage mutant ninja turtles living in my brain?

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