5 Reasons A Self-Proclaimed Hello Kitty Fanatic Loves Hello Kitty Hell


If you have ever searched for ANY kind of Hello Kitty product on the Internet within the last few years, more likely than not you have come across a link to HelloKittyHell

I love this blog for myriad reasons, here’s a list of  just a few:

5 Reasons A Self-Proclaimed Hello Kitty Fanatic Loves HelloKittyHell

Reason #1. As I have tweeted (yeah i’m aware that the nerd meter just went through the roof of your cranium! Twitter-speak is so absurd) to Mr. HKH:

@hellokittyhell i figured out why i love hellokittyhell so much: because even though i am an hk fanatic, there’s always someone worse!!! – oct 29th, 2009 Twitter post

and  Mr. HKH actually wrote back:

@ultracutebot That is still no excuse for feeding the addiction ;)

Reason #2 – Where else are you going to find biting, hilarious criticism about a wide variety of Hello Kitty products from hideously tacky wedding dresses to Hello Kitty shaped water bottles?

Reason #3 – Mr. HKH puts up with a shitload of hate e-mails, death threats (and even a mysterious pseudo stalker who tracked down Mr. HKH’s parents’ address thinking it was his to send his wife a HK care package with some “colorful” items in it)  from wild, rabid Hello Kitty fanatics yet still blogs on…

Reason #4 – Instead of trying to sell the contents of the above mentioned care package (see Reason #3) on Ebay or simply throwing them away, he gave them to his readers via contests. Additionally, he has encouraged his wife to donate parts of her notorious collection to charitable causes.

Reason #5 – Mr. HKH has a great albeit bleak sense of humor about Hello Kitty and stuff in general. Whether you like Hello Kitty or not, I’m sure most people (not including the fanatics who get angry at HKH for choosing not to act as a shopping advisor for products that he obviously hates) would be able to find at least one post, if not several, that would make he/she laugh out loud.

There has been speculation that the entire blog is a fake and my response to that is: who gives a shit whether it’s real or not? HKH is funny as…ha Hell…

EDIT: 11/26 – fixed the link to HKH’s reply.


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