grimlock n’ marv…


Here’s a rough sketch of the Masterpiece (MP-08) Grimlock…I love that Grimlock created Computron…Not everyone knows that Grimlock was a super genius for an episode (see: “Grimlock’s New Brain”) PS Don’t ask my I colored some of the parts of this sketch the way I did…I have no idea…
masterpiece grimlock (sort of..)
I am a fan of both Sin City in comic form and the Sin City movie. However, I am and forever will be disappointed that Jessica Alba did not show her boobs at all, not just because I’m admittedly a bit of a perv, but more because that is one of the core elements of her character: Nancy is a stripper! In the comic, almost every panel she is in has her showing off her ta-tas! But whatever I digress…Marv is an awesome character…The crazy loyal nutcase who went on a killing rampage because of his love for a deceased prostitute named Goldie…

marv from sin city by frank miller

this entry sucks and kind of doesn’t make sense. but i don’t care. it has pics! craptastically drawn pics but they are MY craptastically drawn pics!


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