i’m no warmonger…


i’m no warmonger by any means but i do sincerely believe that veterans, especially in america are highly under-appreciated. i don’t give a shit about your standpoint on war, this has nothing to do with that. this is about supporting people, the people who have volunteered to support their country by sacrificing time w/ their families, appendages & sometimes their lives, for the protection of the life and freedom that we as a people seem to frequently take for granted. as you might know, i play Artwiculate, a Twitter based word game & my recent tweet ‘the veteran kept the pin of a grenade as a personal accolade, a testimony to all that he saw & to all the sacrifices he had made is dedicated to all the men & women of the US  Armed Forces past & present. you don’t have to wait until veterans day to appreciate their efforts. try to think of veterans that you know & thank them if you can. the field of law that i work in due to the nature of its specialty, has given me the opportunity to aid veterans, their widows & families which is one of the biggest reasons that i go to work every day (besides of course the paycheck & wanting to support my own family ;P) anyway, i digress…i need sleep


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