stupid failwhale :(


twitter’s failwhale is cute but it’s certainly not my favorite sight. i know there are much much worse things in life than seeing failwhale so i’ll save you the trouble & i’ll call the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance myself! i really should be going to sleep now anyway, it’s way past my bedtime but i just thought i’d stick around for a bit to see if it’d work itself out. i’m super stoked about navin’s artwiculate app & will post any news about it as it comes along! i have so many artwiculate-related ideas but there’s so much going on in my life outside of the twitterverse. i was actually thinking though of starting a blog specifically about artwiculate & the artwiculati but am wondering if i will have the time to keep it up since i barely keep this one up consistently. maybe if i have a few people contribute to it then i won’t feel like it’s being neglected (?) i think it would be particularly useful for welcoming new players to the den of lexicon-crack and for posting other weird semi-artwiculate stuff.  well i’d better go. i have to wake up in less than 4 hours, take the babybot to the inlaws’ & go to work. everytime i type “lexicon-crack” i think of “lexicon devil” by the germs….


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