when the bot waxes romantic – select artwiculate entries (updated)


♥ darling, don’t be pusillanimous about mussing my lipstick. muss me, muss me, muss me
♥ if zombies roamed earth/neither you nor i’ll be pusillanimous /we’d shoot em in synchronicity, the melody so clamorous
♥ quiddity (-ities) of the fervent attraction between us: logophilia, jokes about necrophilia, typographical error phobia
♥ my heart split in twain/wasn’t sure if it’d be whole again/then i realized, a rive could be mended by my darling intended
♥ my chatoyant mood/regardless of momentary color or hue/ seems to be mirrored by you & completely understood
♥ baby, i’m smitten/insatiable infatuation: I’ve been bitten/dearest one, to gallivant w/ you’d make me purr like a kitten
♥ emotionally incognito /temporarily forced to conceal/how much i can’t resist your unbelievable appeal
♥ baby, let’s spend our years of senescence surrounded by decadence & laugh at our slurred cadence as we inebriated try to speak w/ eloquence
♥ darling, i’m so enamored of you. even when senescence begins 2 lurk in our shadows, I know our love will remain unchanged
♥ to the sesquipedalian , engaging in verbose banter is titillating foreplay
♥ darling, whether our 1st tryst is matutinal or nocturnal, the resulting fiery passion will set the sky ablaze
♥ dearest one, i would never fall for your doppelganger. no one could sound as good, feel as good or taste as good as you.
♥ darling, i must confess i have an avarice for your sweet caress, i crave every inch of you, nothing more nothing less
♥ festoon my heart w/ adoration, ours will be an infatuation of long duration
♥ our limbs entwined, festoon of our longing fulfilled #artwiculate


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