when coin operated boy meets bot girl – select artwiculate entries by coinopratdchris


select artwiculate entries by coinopratdchris

♣ Her scintillating stories sent shivers throughout my body, and I liked it.
♣ I don’t have much money, but she makes me feel truly opulent.
♣ When I told her I’d knock her socks off, it was no hyperbole. Her socks flew off when we touched. Pants, too. ;-)
♣ I’d like to finagle some more time with her. Do you think setting all of her clocks back will work?
♣ I could never see a rive coming between you and I. We care too much for one another, so that rive would be a lie.
♣ She had a chatoyant gaze. I saw our feelings, our present, and our future when I looked into her eyes.
♣ Shall we try to gallivant somewhere else my dear? Those men in trench coats are making me uncomfortable.
♣ Gallivant -ing with you, my dear, always makes my day. I long to hold you in my arms, my dear, and please you in every way.
♣ When we’re together, I try to be nothing but altruistic. I want to make you moan and scream from my touch.
♣ Our meeting in the bedroom will be equivalent to a sesquipedalian ‘s speech: overly long and a real mind blower.
♣ Our matutinal meeting melted my heart as I gazed into your eyes in the morning sun.
♣ Let’s arrange a tryst, my dear. Where would you like to meet? Please, I must insist, my dear. The taste of your lips would be sweet.
♣ When you and I finally touch, the denouement will be well worth the wait. ;)

last updated: 3/6/2010


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