when a bot girl falls in love with a coinopratdboy – select artwicutweets


♥ impatiently circumambulate/only 7 days yet can’t wait/famished this hunger for you won’t be easy to sate
♥ together we’re splendidly egregious /collective propriety teetering precarious/ fantasies realized, nefarious
♥ your words scintillating /feel my heart palpitating/pulse escalating/oh the naughty things i’m contemplating…
♥ my dearest one’s opulent gifts? charm, integrity, passion, wit, humor, sincerity, honesty ~oh yeah, he’s handsome too ;)
♥ in my dreams i peregrinate to thee/upon my lips a silent plea:kiss me/forever tethered to thee ’tis a bond for eternity
♥ peregrinate to me, darling one/when you’re here we’ll have fun/sweetie when you arrive/i’ll make you happy to be alive
♥ liebchen, i adore you. in 13 days, ineffable bliss is ours. that’s not hyperbole, that’s the honest to god(?) truth.
♥ this bot was initially hard-wired to be irreparably lugubrious, then she met a coinopratd boy…
♥ QTbot caused a wicked kerfuffle bursting into a laundromat demanding $200 in change rambling about a coin operated boy
♥ inebriated by desire, longing/thoughts of you in my mind thronging/lovesick hebetudinous /to all else around: oblivious
♥ he speaks to her in hushed tones/her body quivers, she moans/ their denouement simultaneous/post-lovemaking hebetudinous
♥ unapologetically lurid one moment/saccharine sentiment the next/both splendid emotions genuine/regardless of context

♥ 7 days ’til ineffable bliss ♥


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