the moment i knew…


The following is 1 of 3 responses to a homework assignment that I did in which we were supposed to do 3 memoirs on any topic.

When he typed “Maybe I do. Maybe I do…” I was intrigued, fascinated and wildly curious. In November 2009, I discovered a Twitter based word game called “Artwiculate” which challenges players to use the Word of the Day in clever, witty and appealing ways restricted to 140 characters or less per entry, and other players vote and Re-Tweet (basically copying and re-posting other player’s entries that they liked) and the players who get the most votes are listed on the Artwiculate web site in the Hall of Fwame. No actual award or prize, just the satisfaction of knowing that your writing touched people enough to bestow upon you accolades and votes. The game is a bit of an amalgamation of a virtual poetry open mic night and a cyberspace based comedy club. I was instantly hooked. I’ve “virtually” met many brilliant personalities through this game and one person in particular stood out amongst the hundreds of cyberspace logophiles who play the game regularly. I remember he had said something in response to a compliment I had paid him regarding one of his entries, that downplayed the skill that putting together a clever tweet (entry) involved. And I had said, “You do not want to get into a ‘who can be more self-deprecating’ match with me.” And when he replied to that comment with “Maybe I do. Maybe I do…”  for some reason I knew instantly that I was infatuated with him.

♥5 days ’til ineffable bliss♥


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