tina tintinnabulation & other recurring characters


I created Tina Tintinnabulation when “Tintinnabulation” was the Artwiculate Word of the Day for November 27, 2009. Subsequently I created other characters to populate her world including but not limited to: Philistine Phyllis, Phil Philanderer/Philandering Phil, Su Susurrus and most recently Noema Schloma.

♦ An Ivy League student’s choice for stripper name: Tina Tintinnabulation
♦ Tina Tintinnabulation titillated tourists with tawdry tricks involving bells and whistles
♦ Philandering Phil philosophized that paying Philistine Phyllis to bear her breasts & have sex with him was his philanthropic contribution
♦ Philistine Phyllis philosophized that her philanthropic contribution to society was bearing her breasts to & having sex w/ philanderers
♦ Tina Tintinnabulation thinks both Phyllis & Phil are philistine: At least she artistically uses bells & whistles as part of her routine!
♦ Tina Tintinnabulation decided to spice up her act by performing gymnastic feats using rails while spouting clever bits of raillery
♦ Philistine Phyllis and Phil Philanderer were impressed by Tina’s use of rails, along w/ bells & whistles but were nonplussed by the raillery
♦ Benevolent Betty naively volunteered 2 help Phil Philanderer with his Phimosis problem w/o knowing this involved embrocation below the belt.
♦ Armed w/ a can of AquaNet, Philistine Phyllis concocted a coiffure monstrosity, her day was ruined if there was a paucity of hairspray
♦ The holidays made Tina Tintinnabulation extra jigglity, which made her bells more jinglity, bringing tremendous jollity to her clientele
♦ Flirty Fran performed furtive fallacio on Horny Horatio/their tryst soon exposed by Retaliatory Rose when her fist met Horatio’s nose
♦ Tina Tintinnabulation had a bucolic fetish involving cow herders & cowbells which explains her expert use of bells & whistles in her routine
♦ Ivy League stripper Tina Tintinnabulation loved coyly saying ‘Honey, don’t be pusillanimous’ to confuse her patrons
♦ Su Susurrus often made appearances during Tina Tintinnabulation’s tawdry strip routine adding sexy whispers to the mix
♦ her nipple tassels coruscate when Tina Tintinnabulation works late: she knows how to make your breath momentarily abate [added 8/2/2010]
♦ Su Susurrus the quietest gal at Dissonant Rhapsody can easily coruscate : her lissome pole-dance never fails to entrance [added 8/2/2010]
8/2/2010: Decided that the “gentlemen’s club” that Tina & Su work at is called Dissonant Rhapsody. Kinda cheesy but whatever. :D
added 9/29/2010:
♦ Tina Tintinnabulation thought she was a real bellringer until Noema Schloma showed up w/ her cock…
♦ Tina Tintinnabulation’s belfry was a gallimaufry of bells for every mood : bucolic – cow/jocund – jingle/sexy – hand
♦Tina Tintinnabulation loved agrestic herding dudes & shepherd boys—which explains why a cowbell is amongst her favorite on-stage toys
♦Tina Tintinnabulation abhorred the Friday night hordes of doltish frat boys: they were lousy tippers & always tried to grab her bells!
♦tina tintinnabulation listed her current occupation as a tintinnabuli ecdysiast – for her, it had a nicer ring to it
♦Tina Tintinnabulation was very curious about whether Galoshes Gus could live up to his nickname & get her bells ringing @coinopratdchris [This was written in response to the following tweet “So, why do they call you Galoshes Gus?” asked Gus’ date. “Because I’ll make you so wet that you’ll need rain boots …]
♦Tina Tintinnabulation’s most cogent argument always rang true: no one dared go tit for tat w/ her bell nipple tassles (6-3-11)
♦Su Susurrus tames the tiger-roar of a rowdy crowd into a pussycat’s meow of susurration w/ lissome pole work & alluring incantations (6-4-11)
♦Ea. time Tina Tintinnabulation rang a bell during her act, reinforced the fact, that her Ivy League stripper status is a solipsism apparatus (1-22-12)
♦when Tina Tintinnabulation described Philistine Phyllis’ routine as banal, the latter replied “I know how to be anal…i do it very well” (3-19-12)
♦Tina Tintinnabulation’s brand of epistemology involves analyzing the effects of her tawdry bell-ringing in relation to amt of tips received (3-25-12)
♦Don’t forget to tip when you get a lapdance from Tina Tintinnabulation: Hell’s Bells will toll & etiolate those cheapskates (11-30-12)

♦just a tittle jingle jangle of tina tintinnabulation’s bells makes the members of her fan club swell #artwiculate (1/12/13)


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