thank you for all the retweets and votes, artwiculati


after playing every day since November 23, 2009, and almost quitting before the end of 2009, i’ve finally won the artwiculate crown for a day!!! it wasn’t a particularly well crafted tweet, but it was written in the name of honesty, love, friendship, family and new beginnings. i really had no idea that so many people would RT &/or vote for it since i really tweeted it for fun & to celebrate how thankful i am that mr. bot and i, though we soon won’t be mr. & mrs. bot anymore, will continue to be friends & to platonically love each other & our beautiful, bright, wonderful babybot. it’s actually quite a relief for us both because i think we both knew deep down that we were meant to be forever friends but that didn’t necessarily mean we needed to be married.

anyway, here’s the winning tweet: “mr. bot, the symbiosis between us has evolved in a direction we didn’t foresee yet i’m confident we’ll remain close pals til we’re 103!” view my artwiculate award

♥ anyway, i just wanted to say thanks again to the artwiculati for your support in and outside the twitterverse. ♥


2 thoughts on “thank you for all the retweets and votes, artwiculati

  1. Heartfelt truth trumps “well-crafted” every time. As it should. Cutie, you tapped into the universal longing in all of us to never lose the people we cherish in our lives, regardless of how we – and they, and our relating with one another – transforms.

    “Fear not any endings for they birth a beginning” – To A Peaceful Warrior

    With love,


  2. harrarp

    A great way to face the future in a tweet, QT.
    I’ve been though it and after all these years my ex-mate is still a good friend.


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