dawn of ineffable bliss


depending on how you look at it, i’ve been waiting for this day for my whole life yet on the other hand have only been waiting about a month.♥ i’m in love, i’m certain.♥  i’m happy, excited, thrilled, ecstatic etc. however, i’m also feeling very anxious, insecure, worried and scared about all the things that could possibly go wrong. i know i shouldn’t let doubt cloud the positive feelings that are swirling inside me but that’s not the way this bot was wired. this bot was wired to malfunction easily.

tweets inspired by temporary emotional malfunctions:

♦ he said she was pretty she stared at him suspiciously, surreptitiously wondering was he serious or speaking maliciously?
♦ the jig is up when he finds out how odious, emotionally unstable & truly uninteresting i am.
♦ the denouement of the evening she’d hoped for was not meant to be, for he left her alone, unanswered, adrift in her doubt-filled sea

but seriously, what am i worried about? especially when he tweets things like this to me:

♣ I surreptitiously dream of you/and all the things you & I will do/kissing, hugging, tasting; we touch/it’s obvious I want you so much

what i really need to focus on are feelings like the ones expressed in these tweets to him:

♥ a tiny bud of love surreptitiously grew/slight, delicate & new/’twas so furtive i hadn’t a clue/til you said maybe i do
♥ he’s a beacon in the distance/permeate thru the darkness/no purpose in resistance/gesticulate for her landscape of words marked by starkness

at any rate: the countdown has now switched from days to hours.  his plane lands at 6:05 pm.


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