am i overreacting?


so it’s 3:12am. mr. bot told me he would be home with babybot sometime after 10 pm last night. anyway, i’m pissed because i know mr. bot needs me to watch babybot this morning before i go to work and he didn’t even text message me to let me know that he wouldn’t be home. i don’t care what he’s doing, but it would be nice to know if he needs me to pick up babybot or whatever needs to be done. i texted him twice about an hour ago indicating that i thought he was an inconsiderate asshole for not keeping me in the loop re: ingmar. if mr. bot continues to act like this, maybe i should just move to PA since he’s acting like i don’t exist except for when HE needs a fucking babysitter. oh yeah it also happens to be my fucking 28th birthday today. i drove clw to the airport yesterday and i miss him so much. mr. bot knows how much i miss clw and that i’m wicked depressed. i’m glad mr. bot has met someone too & evidently she makes him happy, but that doesn’t give him free license to be an uncommunicative selfish prick.


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