i talked to mr. bot about how i had been feeling about how the redheadbot & him have been making all these decisions and plans without keeping my feelings in mind. i’m ridiculously surprised that he had no idea that redheadbot buying stuff for babybot and deciding she was going to host babybot’s birthday party would cause me to feel uncomfortable, embarassed and hurt… warning – this post has alot of expletives in it, more so than usual WHAT FUCKING PLANET ARE YOU ON, MR. BOT? we’ve been together for 10 years, married for almost 4 years and you had NO idea?! that irish catholic redheadbot must be dynamite in the sack to make you completely forget your supposed best friend’s feelings. i can’t reiterate enough that i don’t give a crap about things that only pertain to him and her…but when things are related to babybot, include me the fucking decision making process. don’t fucking tell me “oh redheadbot is going to host babybot’s birthday party” and then later say that i had a choice or an option to say no. you are so fucking full of shit it’s ridiculous. and what the fuck? you know how insecure i am about my abilities as a parent, and how devastating it’s been to not be able to just randomly buy things for babybot….HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW????? YOU ARE SUCH AN ASSHOLE! And when you passed out at redheadbot’s house, the SECOND you woke up and were able to get up and walk around, you should have fucking called me to let me know what was up! it was BULLSHIT that you didn’t contact me until like 2am after I had been the one to text you first! FUCK YOU. you’re such a douchebag. and tonight, you know i have homework. but i know you wanted to hang out with your redheadbot, and i didn’t want to say no, and look like a selfish asshole. i am so disappointed. not only was our marriage a sham, but apparently our friendship was too.


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