coinoperatedcutebot tweetlove…


cutebotgirl to coinoperated boy:

♥ @coinopratdchris Chris’ twitter id is a misnomer, at least in my experience, I’ve never needed coins for a ride ;)
♥ when u think of me, do i think of u? indubitably. when u miss me, do i miss u? indubitably. are we in love? indubitably
♥ i’m irrefutably yours in every way. i’m indubitably enamored of you more ea. day. i’m undoubtedly smitten, can’t keep my feelings at bay
♥ indubitably, flowers, candy & even precious jewels lack appeal & luster compared to your sweet words & invaluable love
♥ the oneiric synchronicity you & I share/bodies & souls we’ve laid bare/emboldens us 2 dare 2 chase our dreams w/o care
♥ the few days we spent together, every moment w/ you was oneiric, perfect – the epitome of passion & ineffable bliss
♥ i’ve a penchant for a coin operated boy who has a penchant for junior mints & hopefullly an ultra cute bot.
♥ this bot has a penchant for ultracute things i.e. hello kitty & ultracute people i.e. @coinopratdchris
♥ baby, if you’re a hobbledehoy then i’m a flibbertigibbet. you + me is as natural as a frog saying ‘ribbit’
♥ oh hebetudinous languor get thee away! when i’m w/ my love we make the most out of our day :)
♥ yesternight i loved you. today i love you. tomorrow i’ll love you & i’ll love you every day for the rest of my life.

coinoperated boy to cutebotgirl:

♣ When I think of you, I know our love will indubitably last. It stretches across time, through the future and the past.
♣ Your oneiric beauty leaves me without speech and breath. Being without you my love would be much worse than death.
♣ I have a penchant for your taste and your touch. I hope you know I love you so much.
♣ @Wifsie You’re welcome. And thank you. With @ultracutebot, I’ll never feel any languor again. :-)
♣ Any languor evaporates when I’m with you, my love. You give me the energy to do anything.
♣ They make sure to be zealous lovers. They touch and scream under the covers.


One thought on “coinoperatedcutebot tweetlove…

  1. Oh you two – I think that if more Poets well as magniloquent as you then my AntiPoetic crusade might be over . . .

    Seriously though, kudos on making the most of your undoubtedly excellent twittery!

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