redheadbot – preliminary assessment via facebook observations


redheadbot seems to be perfect for mr. bot. she’s beautiful, funny, smart. i know she’s made mr. bot happier than he’s ever been. i can’t help but feel sometimes that maybe babybot is better off without me because she seems so together and in the driver’s seat or whatever effing idiom to imply that she seems to have her life under control more or less. she seems really nice too. i must confess that i’m afraid to meet her until after my coinoperated boy is here. i think my lack of self confidence and my terrible self esteem might make my brain explode if i met her without my coinoperated boy (he makes me feel like i can face anything…do anything…somehow he renews my faith in myself…)

so yeah out of fairness, i figured that i’d post this in response to my previous angry rants about the redheadbot. mr. bot and i have still been arguing about our communication issues and other crap but i do understand why mr. bot has been so preoccupied with other things because she does seem fascinating and captivating etc.

ps. i’ve been feeling very socially inept lately, i think more so that usual…but perhaps that’s the topic for a separate post….


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