i share my artwiculate crown with the one who inspires me…


Dear Artwiculati,

I just wanted to give an extended thanks to all of you for your votes, RTs, congratulations and well wishes. Each time I have been in the running for the crown, regardless of whether or not I placed in the Top 5, I’ve felt honoured and thankful that my words elicited such a positive reaction and resonated in the hearts of so many talented and clever people.

Although I have been fortunate enough to have won the coveted Artwiculate crown twice before (see Symbiosis & Euphemism), this win is not just a victory for myself, but is one for the adorable, irresistible master of overclarification, sworn enemy of typographical errors I love so very much, Chris. As many of you already know, Chris and I “found” each other through playing Artwiculate, first falling in love with our respective words, then falling in love with each other.

Additionally, this win, is a testament to love itself and how love can transcend time, distance and cyberspace.

Here’s the winning tweet:
i’d wait forever for you but could never inure myself to your absence in the meantime…

I humbly accept the crown for Inure

Click Here to view my Artwiculate Winner certificate

♥ Thank you, on behalf of myself and my coinoperatedboy♥


ultracutebot & coinoperatedchris


3 thoughts on “i share my artwiculate crown with the one who inspires me…

  1. Silia


    Time? Check.

    Distance? Check.

    Cyberspace? Check.

    Love conquered all.

    The coin operated boy and the ultra cute bot live on –

    …happily, ever after.

    Proof for us all.


    Why not?

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