affirmation of my hatred for facebook


i already hate facebook, but i do have an account. one of the things that irritates me about fb, is the level of personal shit that is unnecessarily broadcast via this very public forum. especially when a person is inconsiderate enough to use people’s names, and is posting about minors who can’t possibly defend themselves. i understand how fb can be used to get feedback about various topics, but when it involves a child, especially one that is NOT yours, you may want to consider utilizing the private message function of fb instead of regular posts, especially when a large percentage of the child’s family happens to be in your friends network. which brings me to why i’m writing this post in the first place…see below

redheadbot wrote:
Thanks all, I tried shunning the offender to soothe the victim but that seems to start all out war. I tried holding faces and saying “no!”, which makes Babybot more aggro/pissed off and just makes Redheadtotbot crack up.I’m at a loss. Today skin on a finger was actually broken. It turns my stomache and makes me feel *so shitty* to see them go at eachother.

After reading the fb post above, I, ultracutebot wrote to the soon-to-be-exhusbot:

Dude, I saw this post of  Redheadbot’s on Facebook and was a little bit worried. What does she mean by “shunning the offender”? Does that mean she puts Babybot in a time out? Does she ignore him? Punish him? I don’t mean to sound accusatory or anything, I’m just concerned and worried about my little boy. It also doesn’t sound like he’s necessarily getting equal treatment. I don’t want Babybot to feel like the odd one out.

the exhusbot didn’t know how to reply so he consulted redheadbot. she read my email to mr. bot (see above in blue) and wrote to me this afternoon in response:

Hi  QT,
Congratulations on the interviews. Good luck with that.
Just sending you this message to let you know that I am going to take you off of my friend list on facebook. I use it pretty regularly, as you can see, to solicit parenting advice and share ideas with my fellow mom friends. I don’t want my vaque posts to upset you, and I don’t want to feel like I have to censor myself when I talk to my friends. I can still send you photos and updates if you like.
You are very welcome to contact me by phone or text or email whenever you feel like it, day or night. I am totally open to communicating with you, just not on facebook anymore.

I can’t help being angry. It seems that she’s completely missed the point of why I was concerned and has a complete disregard for the reputation of my child.

5/29/2010 update:

I didn’t finish this entry or post it at the time (it was originally composed 5/26/2010) but felt the need to post it now considering though for the most part things have seemingly improved I still feel the need to vent. Apparently, according to Mr. Bot, Red apologized and now will try to curb the urge to whine on FB about my kid, which is great but it does annoy me that she only started giving a shit when Mr. Bot expressed that he thought that her defamation of baby character was lame too. So obviously, my opinion as Mommybot is WORTHLESS. What a bitch.


One thought on “affirmation of my hatred for facebook

  1. Despite the apparently pleasant and co-operative wording of redheadbot’s message, I find it breathtaking that she “uses [FB] pretty regularly … to solicit parenting advice and share ideas with my fellow mom friends”. What?? Solicit advice from “fellow moms” about YOUR child? This is beyond words. I cannot believe anyone would be so crass, so insensitive. I am speechless, and you know me Bottie, that’s a rarity.

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