mommybot & babybot



it’s difficult for me not to feel like i’m being checked up on by redheadbot and mr. bot’s entire family…i know part of it is just that they care about babybot but it just seems terribly uneven and unfair because i didn’t pester them nearly as much as they pester me and i never demanded skype chats and was happy to get any pics of him when they were sent to me…now my soon-to-be-ex-mother-in-law keeps calling and e-mailing asking for pics, asking to speak to my 2 year old on the phone…because mr. bot and i are still friends, i have to put up with all this bullshit because i don’t want to start unnecessary drama…it’s hard for me not to feel bitter & upset because no one seemed to give a shit when it was the other way around…when babybot was away from me…oh that’s right because i’m just one person…not like mr. bot and his giant bot family…i really really hated having to listen to redheadbot telling me things that i already knew about my child and grilling me about values and standards that she had been trying to implement which i had tried implementing before but met fierce opposition at the time from mr. bot…oh the fucking irony…it’s hard for me not to vomit too, since mr. bot texted me today that he’s officially engaged to redheadbot…even though of course our marriage isn’t even legally dissolved yet…i think he’s making a mistake…but it’s not my place…i told him i’m happy that he’s happy…i honestly don’t think he knows what he’s getting himself into…there’s been so many i told you so moments over the past 10 years…i anticipate that this might turn into one of those if he doesn’t take time to really think this thing through…i think redheadbot is a manipulative, control freak, insincere bitch….gaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh at least babybot is with me now…but he will be spending a few months a year with his father and that means he’ll be spending that time with that bitchbot…yeesh…i need to remember to embrace the positive in the situation: after almost 2 months of not seeing my son, he’s with me now. i get to wake up to his handsome, sweet little face every morning. even when he’s in the full swing of a terrible two terrible tantrum, i feel fortunate to have him here with me…now if i could only upgrade my patience programming….


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