nonsensical zings aimed at redheadbot & mr. bot word nerd style…


the Artwiculate word of the day is sanctimonious

– i’ve no need for your sanctimonious parenting tips~over your head i’d like to dump a bag of chips~then bury your face in artichoke dips

– what a sanctimonious strumpet~she toots her morality horn like a trumpet~she feeds him treachery-filled crumpets

– poor chum~she’s struck you quite dumb~you’re under her sanctimonious thumb~to her deceptive moral superiority you succumb

– oh you sanctimonious stupid cow~your udders touch the ground at the slightest bow~your contradictory beliefs do indeed raise my brow~moo cow

– she’s a sanctimonious tart~in her direction, i’d like to release the most foul-smelling fart~& accidentally bowl her over w/ a shopping cart

– you’re a fakery glutton and it seems that sanctimonious gingersnaps are your current favorite

– when i said something it was meaningless~but when that sanctimonious gingersnapbot says anything it’s worth heeding?!


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