twitter outtage…yikes


so it’s 2:29 am ET (11:29 pm PT) and according to the official twitter blog, it’s going to be down for maintenance for the next five hours. i predict that unless the majority of the artwiculati constantly read the twitter blog, they probably didn’t know about this. seems like this causes significant unfairness for artwiculate players who normally tweet and RT during these hours. i know artwiculate has no control over whether or not twitter is down, but i have a feeling there will be an outcry amongst artwiculati who did not get a chance to tweet during the time period between when the WOTD changed (it’s currently “impugn“) and 38 minutes ago. apparently this maintenance period is not necessarily going to prevent all twitter users from tweeting, but seems it will impact a large number of users. i’m surprised that there hasn’t been a topic posted on artwiculate’s support site yet. oh well…i do find the ice cream cone amusing, and it is different from the infamous fail whale (see below)

4 thoughts on “twitter outtage…yikes

  1. BartWender's Cat

    Unfair to people like me that keep regular hours! I’m gonna kick that whale’s ass as soon as it’s back in the water. All those lovely tweets I made, I really don’t know how long they’re gonna keep outside of the twitter fridge…

    And oh no, the Artwiculate support site? There’s a troll lurking there. Hang on in there, QT!

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