i’m glad you think it’s all so amusing…


just because redheadbot is 1/4 of this new parenting equation doesn’t mean we’re on a casual chit-chat basis…it frustrates and angers me how mr. bot doesn’t understand that laughing when, someone who is supposed to be one of his best friends for the past 10 years, is talking is annoying and fucking insensitive. but what the fuck does he care? i LOVE getting text messages out of the blue from redheadbot because i know that she’s conducting investigative work…you know why? because we’re not fucking friends! yeah ok, before i left in july with babybot in tow, i suppose i had newly gained respect for her, but that doesn’t mean that i want to hear from her if i don’t have to especially when i know she is asking questions in preparation for babybot’s return even though his return in september is FAR from definite. it pisses me off that she’s already asking me all these FUCKING questions…and then after i talk to mr. bot about all this, he asks me about erasing data from our old communal laptop?!?! i’ve known this dude for 10 fucking years!!!!!!!!! it’s no wonder we’re almost officially divorced!! obviously he didn’t know me as well as i thought and vice versa. seriously, he’s going to be visiting in september and because i’m too fucking nice, i invited him to stay at our tiny apartment in order to save $. you’d think he’d be less of a prick considering shit like that…i’m trying to avoid borrowing money from him for so many reasons…one reason being i don’t want him to throw that crap in my face during one of his self righteous i’m-morally-superior-and-infinitely-better-than-you tirades…i’m wasting too much energy being pissed about this.


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