unparalleled cuteness


i’ve been wanting to do a new post about babybot for awhile now but haven’t gotten around to it until now…at 3:23 AM. at any rate, this past week he’s been in particularly good spirits and has been eagerly exploring life as a 2 and a half year old: successfully using the potty, engaging in friendly interactions with other children at the playground, playing with his new thomas and friends wooden railway beginner set and constantly adding to his ever-expanding vocabulary stockpile. recent playground socializing has been an overwhelming success in comparison to previous attempts which ended in babybot’s territorial tantrums over the usage of  “his” slide(s). a few days ago, he met a little boy clad in toy story shoes. babybot seemed like he was trying to compliment the boy in his taste in character footwear by admiringly pointing, smiling and saying “buzz”. babybot also ran up to him and introduced himself in a manner of speaking by saying his own name over and over again as if to say “hi i’m babybot. what’s your name?” he has been learning to wait for other children to go down the slide or go up the stairs. he’s been polishing his short greetings “hi!” and “bye”.  today (or rather 10/22) he encountered a little girl who gave him a little flower which he loved and kept smelling (even though it wasn’t scented). he kept repeating “flower” over and over and insisted on bringing it into the car with us. with the passage of each day, as cheesy as it may sound, my heart swells with pride  as i watch my toddlerbot grow, change, evolve. he is a spectacular human being: thoughtful, caring, charismatic, funny and smart.


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