that gingersnapbot strikes again…


redheadbot posted some comments on clw’s facebook:

redheadbot: What will you do when it’s snowing? [referring to the fact that we try to take him to the playground at least once a day]

clw: He’ll play in the snow, I assume.


How about social developmental indoor play?


… or art?

clw: Those are great ideas, and I’m sure we will take him to things like that, but it won’t hurt to let him play in the snow every once in awhile.

that condescending gingersnap….this all happened in early november….i yelled at mr. bot and sent him a bunch of e-mails and links to activities and classes that i’ve been considering taking babybot to, and eventually stopped being as angry about it, though i’m still pretty pissed…

in late november, i asked mr. bot if he had talked to her about her fb shenanigans as of late, specifically the above-mentioned incident, and he said he hadn’t about that specific situation and i asked him if he would please do so. not sure if that ever happened which brings me to why i’m posting tonight….

there’s a pic i posted on fb recently of babybot and clw next to our mini xmas tree where babybot is crying…babybot’s 2 years old…i think most people know that 2 year olds have a tendency to cry at random about various things that they will get over like 5 minutes later…in this situation, don’t ask me why, it seemed like babybot liked the idea of admiring the tree from afar, but when he got up close to it he, for some unknown reason, was scared of the tree up close. anyway, when I posted that pic on fb, i get this superfluous use of question marks & exclamation points w/ vague yet potential implications from redheadbot…i realize that this most recent incident by itself is seemingly innocuous but when you consider how she has been an unwelcome commentator on fb and in real life, as well as done several annoying things that made me feel that my parenting had unnecessarily come into question, it makes a little bit more sense. then yesterday i received a text msg from mr. bot inquiring as to why babybot was crying which bugged me all day…i wondered if he was asking because she said something or had some sort of absurd far fetched conspiracy theory or if he was just curious…it turns out, at least from what he said via text, that he was just curious and didn’t know about what gingersnapbot had posted on fb…in short, i asked him if it was ok to delete her from my fb friends because i didn’t need to stress out about dumb shit like that (even though i know i’m entitled to exercise my right to de-friend anyone i choose to but out of courtesy thought i should ask him first in case there was some really good reason for me not to) and he said it was ok with him. i’m relieved that for the most part, mr. bot seems to think clw & i are doing a good job as parents, and his opinion is worth a whole heck of a lot more than hers in my book…but even still, just the fact that this has happened repeatedly (see a related post from may) i can’t help but feel like mr. bot greatly underestimates how much stuff like this bothers me, and if it’s not underestimation, then it’s sheer obliviousness in terms of my feelings—in either case, it just makes me reflect on how you can spend 10 years with someone and not know them very well…

anyway, yes, i realize i can be overly sensitive but that gingersnapbot can be an overbearing interloper so…i suppose we’re even…as for mr. bot, i hope that he and i will be able to work out our friendship issues well enough to make our parenting team function and allow us to focus more energy on the needs & wants of our son…


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