social media ballyhoo…


the Artwiculate Word of the Day is “ballyhoo”….

o the ballyhoo gingersnapbot stirs~she’s a sanctimonious fishy-scented cur~mr. bot, see how easy the line blurs?

ps i realized that grammatically it would’ve been better to say, “see how easily the line blurs” but whatever, it gets the point across…

i can’t help but find it comical that after i posted:

QTbot – “…has had it with intentional &/or unintentional humiliation on fb…”

as a status update on fb last night (after I deleted redheadbot from my friends list) i find this comment in response to it from mr. bot earlier today:

mr. bot – “i know, fb is a great platform, but spreads to more people that you would like, and when you post things the people that you knew wouldt get it ask, “what did you mean by that?”…oh well, im ranting now..i agree with you…sometimes i hate facebook…”

what i really wanted to post was, “see how annoying and potentially stressful it can be when people post stupid shit on fb? and at least I didn’t directly say anything that would implicate her unlike some of the insensitive trash she posts. now you should understand why i’m pissed at your irritating fiancee.” what i actually wrote was much more subdued:

QTbot – “precisely my point.”


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