what the fuck have i been doing for the past 2 hours?


seriously, it’s 3:16am…i have to wake up for work in about 4 hours. what’ve i been doing? changing my wireless router settings, setting up thunderbird on my netbook and being sleepy and nerdy simultaneously…oh and i don’t claim to be a computer person persay, which is why it took me so long to figure out why my gmail account wouldn’t work properly with windows live mail or thunderbird…but at least i eventually figured it out, which is less technologically challenged than a lot of people out there. i also found a program that is supposed to let me change the background on my netbook because for some reason the windows 7 starter pack that is preloaded on here does not allow wallpaper customization which seems a little ridiculous. at any rate, i should probably be going soon…i can’t wait til 2010 is over…it’s been a rough year…not saying there weren’t great, wonderful, splendiferous things that happened, but i do feel like an abnormal amount of emotional stress hit me like a tsunami that  i still have not fully recovered from…


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