let 2011 be awesome please!


♥on christmas day, my dearest love proposed♥

after a rough 2010, getting a marriage proposal for christmas from the love of my life was pretty awesome! i just wish it was easier for me to focus on positive things like that, instead of dwelling on the things that make me angry, sad etc.! oh my life long battle with uncertainty…i’m in more debt than i’ve ever been in my entire life…i’m making a fraction of what i made at the last law firm I worked at in California…i don’t know where we’re going to live in may 2011…my current babysitter charges too much which is partially my fault…i’ve got a gross cold…babybot is stubborn and is at an age where he wants to disagree with everything i say—he also wants every toy that he sees, especially those ridiculous zhu zhu pets and he doesn’t seem to understand that i can’t afford to buy him every toy he wants every time we go to any store…i’d like to buy a house, but i have no idea how we’re going to afford it considering the sizable debt i’m wading through…i hate the apartment complex we live in—-our upstairs neighbor is insane…i can’t tell if my boss hates me…i always feel like she wishes her previous secretary was still working for her…i’m debating whether or not to write a letter to my dad since i was supposed to visit him while i was in CA recently but didn’t because he didn’t make it clear whether or not my coinoperatedsweetheart was invited or not…and speaking of which, how will we afford a wedding? a real wedding? not a city hall wedding…not anything extravagant but still…a ceremony somewhat traditional…oh and i got coerced into taking over the car payments for a car i’m not sure i even wanted which i can’t really afford…

so yeah…there’s quite a bit on my mind. i love my fiance and i love my babybot and i like my job for the most part. i need to keep those things in mind and try to stay positive. much easier to say than actually do. so here’s to 2011! hope it will kick 2010’s sorry ass.


One thought on “let 2011 be awesome please!

  1. I empathise with the debt bit and needing 2011 to kick the becheesus outta 2010. But you’ve got a job, so don’t get married. Marriage is an idea that doesn’t need to happen in my book. Spotrick and I have managed for 27 years now and kept further out of debt by not having to buy wedding gear! We were going to do it in Venice (Italy) and all- it’s nicer to dream!

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