all kinds of awkward…


imagine attempting to clean a restroom (without gloves, yuck) in a fitness club and having your boss knock on the door to hand you a strawberry protein shake sample as you are standing with one foot in a place where people defecate and the other foot in the hallway where crazy sweaty rich yuppies walk and drip all over the floor…that happened to me this afternoon, and awkward doesn’t even begin to describe my work day…what was i supposed to say? “no thanks, i’m cleaning a fucking restroom where human beings shit and pee and i would prefer not to handle or consume a food/beverage item at the moment, especially because you didn’t give me any goddamn gloves to use at this work site and i’ve probably got a million germs on my hands right now…” so i stood there, and out of politeness, drank the beverage given to me and secretly hoped i wasn’t going to get violently ill because then, i’d have to clean up my own puke…

earlier in the day, i had to clean at a strip club, which at least was closed while i was there…i can now add “i have wiped down a stripper pole” to my list of life accomplishments…

the owners of the company, and my direct bosses, are an odd couple…not an odd couple like that old tv show…just, as a couple of friends of mine would say, “something ain’t right”…they were nice, but very strange…especially the guy…he made a comment that his ladyfriend/business partner likes to occasionally do a pole dance and then said that the owner of the strip club had tried to recruit her as a dancer…she said that the owner was just kidding, but her dudefriend said he wasn’t so sure it was just a joke… and i’m just standing there thinking “this is so AWKWARD”…

and then when we were all outside of the fitness club taking a smoke break, i asked where i was supposed to dispose of my cigarette butt, and the bosslady said she usually gave them to bossman and he disposes of them later so she said something like “give him your butts”…and i said “that just doesn’t sound right” and then he said “yeah i’ll take your butts” in a joking but creepy way…and in retrospect, yes, i realize i probably shouldn’t have said that but considering the bizarre turns the conversations had already taken, me not saying that wouldn’t have helped much in making the day less weird…

when i was cleaning the upstairs women’s restroom at the fitness club (which had 4 toilet stalls, 4 shower stalls, a locker room, sauna and 2 granite counter tops), i couldn’t reach the top part of one of the huge mirrors and i asked bossman what i was supposed to do when i am unable to reach spots that need to be cleaned and he said “wear high heels” and i said something about that probably not being very comfortable and then he said i should wear 1970s platform shoes…

i’m not superstitious usually, but there are times in life when you can’t help but think that something may be a bad sign/omen…while i was driving to meet the cleaning people at the first cleaning appointment (at the strip club), either one bird or a flock of birds decided to release a massive shit spray onto my car…it got all over the windshield, windows, doors, hood and roof of my car…i couldn’t help but think that perhaps this was one of those bad omens…and sure enough my day was filled with all kinds of awkward…


5 thoughts on “all kinds of awkward…

  1. Hello Bot its Beez ..Im so bloody plastic my blog i saw your words and was so rapt u had visited and wanted to tell u so clicked on your name and it took me here then I felt like I had like fallen through space and landed in your draws of private writings and felt like terrible cause I not invited here but read yes I did i couldn’t help and I also couldn’t help but see so many things here in common that we have experience …including the work you are doing Oh bots I know just what you are talking about how you feel …about your wee one that too… even more things I cant say on here i cant even bring myself to say them to myself regarding being a mother & my life ..I just wanted to say how wonderful i find this blog of yours how refreshing it actually is to read such real honest to goodness truths ~ Life and gee I think your awesome and so brave brave courageous and selfless to do what your doing .. regarding your child well that is the most loving selfless gift you give to you childs life your so mature grown up and its so hard to be when every year we are always getting older so when is maturity meant to be we can only do what we know and do as much as we know And all that comes with age living education growing which all takes time and I don’t think i express myself correctly then sorry probably sounds a bit rambling . it is slightly as im kinda tired and its after midnight here i was just so impressed excited reading your words here i just had to write and tell you how I feel .. I think you are so awesome and your baby child is going to know this too writing all this is something that is going to mean so much to your wee one when old enough to read & want to know what happened who they are made up from ..Thank you Im sorry i didn’t ask to read I not read anywhere else and would feel right honoured if you did let me .. I hope you will visit my blog again ..maybe one day soon i will find the courage you have and write the truth … instead of cryptic poetry Im just scared of life.. i guess .. have been for a long time I wish I had your courage your so brave and strong and so full of love.

  2. oh gad sorry look at my message it is so long please delete it if you want to i really don’t mind and hope you not too cross to have to be landed all that! :)) typical me never have got a handle on this small narrative of twitter .

  3. Dear BeezKnez,

    Thank you so much for your comments and kind words. And of course you are invited here! It’s nice to know that my silly words affected you and that you can identify with some of my emotions and feelings etc. Thanks for visiting my blog and you are most definitely invited to return!


  4. Dear bots Thankq for the invite accepted lol :)) sorry for such delayed response I have been busy with a new contract re painting Im working on hence i have not been on twitter much either It kinda distracts my time ho hum lol lol aaah dear so i have had to be very strict with moi & no twitter until i finish this painting :) I have very much related to much you have written on your blog as a woman and mother …as the work i have experience some shocking abuses made by employers especially in industries like the cleaning it runs riot here in Australia and have experience verbal emotional and physical including the obvious earnings abuse it is just so wrong wrong and extremely frustrating that in this day and age with these concerns being openly voiced that the abusers are still able to run a business and are getting away with these constant indulgences at the expense of others the majority being women, non english speaking and refugee … the vulnerable of society because of economical language sex educational levels etc… it just makes my blood boil actually reading your words… Im very sorry as a woman to hear you have been experiencing such abuse because that is what this is.. Thankq again for your kind invite to read your blog Beez :) I hope you have some people who support you in your life and you find your way through this the strength to rise above this as I feel this sort of living experience can really affect you emotionally your self esteem and much else and no one has the right to do this to you.. You remember how original you are and hold your head high the next person who treats you in this way ask them what they are doing repeat this question.. tell them their behaviour is not appropriate if you can .. at the very least try telling this boss or the workers who are also aiding this boss with their demeaning remarks and comments that their attitude and behaviour is not progressive helpful to you.. or better still inappropriate Unacceptable .. :)) I know it is a tough situation and many times it is easier said than done with suggestions such as mine. Im sorry ~ i just feel i needed want to offer you some kind of help support.. hearing reading someone is treated so terribly really makes me feel helpless and of course want to help some way.. if there was anything you wish to share or ask me I am quite willing to share my experiences in what i have experienced all the best Beez :)

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