last minute relationship touchdowns…


i have to vent. so if you’re reading this, mr. bot, i apologize in advance. WHAT THE FUCK??? ok, the first time you and redheadbot get into a potential relationship ending fight, she asks you to marry her in what i consider to be the equivalent of a hail mary pass leading to scoring the super bowl-winning touchdown that saves her from getting kicked off the goddamn team…she’s like a cocky quarterback that has been playing like shit for the whole season, but because of that great move in the last minute of the game, she is suddenly forgiven for her terrible attitude and previous lackluster performance. now, the second time around, i thought mr. bot had finally realized that he needs to take a step back and evaluate what she brings to the team…but apparently again, she has somehow thrown another hail mary, except this time, i don’t know what it is…how can you just roll over, mr. bot and take the shit that she throws at you? she said the sight of you sickened her?! she said that you were neglectful as a parent…she kicked you and babybot out of the house because she wasn’t satisfied with your parenting skills? how the hell can you just roll over and pretend like that shit didn’t happen already? it’s only been a few days…not even an entire week…don’t get me wrong, i want you to be happy…i’m not even saying that i necessarily want you to break up with her…i just think you should’ve taken a little bit more time before acting like everything was ok and nothing happened…i think you should’ve at least suspended her from the team for a longer period of time….thought about things, which in turn would hopefully cause her to reflect, instead of what is obviously happening now: she’s saying all the things that you want to hear and you are naively falling for it again…i worry about you…i know we’re not married anymore but she seems like she’s very emotionally abusive…but at the same time, you’re an adult (at least on paper) and should be able to stand up for yourself…but if you don’t want to stand up for yourself, at least stand up for your son. i’m supposed to be excited that gingersnap has been treating you nicely for the last couple days?! isn’t that what she’s supposed to be doing ALL THE TIME?! am i expected to rejoice that she was able to calm babybot down today after he’d been having a tantrum? again, isn’t that what a future stepparent is supposed to do? if i texted you every time clw exhibited exemplary parenting skills, you’d be getting a text from me like every five minutes…i’m not like you…i am mad because she treated you poorly, despite the fact that you seem all too over it so quickly…i hope that whatever bullshit superbowl-winning stunt she’s pulled this time doesn’t cloud your ability to be vigilant when it comes to making sure our son is being treated with respect and compassion.


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