dear babybot


it’s only been 13 days since you left w/ your daddybot but it feels like an eternity already…sometimes i wonder how i will make it through the next few months without my heart completely breaking. i know that this is how it needs to be for now because i need to get my finances straightened out but knowing that doesn’t make being apart from you any easier…i hope you don’t mind that i kept deputy hop hop with me because sometimes it helps a little bit to hug him since i can’t hug you…i know how silly that sounds…i’m going to be 29 years old in 8 days and i am admitting to holding a stuffed bunny dressed like a cowboy because i miss & love you so much…i hope that redheadbot is treating you as nicely as mr. bot says she is…i’m glad that you had a nice time at the zoo…i’m sorry there weren’t any pandas there…maybe some day we can go to the san diego zoo so you can see pandas like beckett in real life…i miss you so much…every time i hear a child cry, laugh or yell it makes me miss you even more…i was supposed to go to l.w.’s 5th birthday party at chuck e cheese’s but couldn’t because i know that being around all the children would make me weep in public…babybot, i’m sorry this is so difficult for you…i want all the best for you…i have been reading a book about sensory processing disorder in order to try to understand you better…i want to do all that i can to help you through life’s challenges…i should get ready to go to sleep now because i have work tomorrow…besides, you’re probably not going to read this for a few years anyway. i love you, babybot and think of you so many times throughout every day. ♥


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