glad i still have my day job…


as a follow up to my recent post regarding my 1 day employed by a local cleaning service, i must admit that i am glad that i still have my legal secretary job, although i did recently find out that i am currently being paid less than the hourly 10th percentile wage rate for the city I work in AND for the entire state of pennsylvania! but on the other hand, especially in this ridiculously bad economic time we are living in, i am lucky and fortunate to have a paying job at all. i had an interview with a major retailer yesterday for a potential night restocking job but i think it went horribly, as many of my interviews do. i really don’t want a second job, but considering that i am currently in debt for more than i make in a year, i need to find a way to pay it off somehow. i miss my babybot so much. mr. bot posted a picture of babybot sitting on a little bicycle! it’s a wonderful picture but it’s difficult for me not to be saddened by the fact that i am missing seeing this very cool development in my son’s life in person. it’s raining a lot here…and i spilled gasoline on my leg during my lunch break today…i wish money would fall out of the sky instead of acid raindrops…or at least i wish that money wasn’t so essential for surviving in this so-called western civilization…my car needs new wiper blades in both the front and the back windshields…in addition to what i paid for the car, i have spent almost an extra $1000 on repairs since i bought this car in february. i must remember the immortal words of kurt vonnegut, “so it goes…”


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