operation rescue babybot is a go!


admittedly, the circumstances behind babybot’s early return are not ideal. but ultimately, i’m excited and happy that my babybot will be back here with clw and i. i’m nervous about the logistics of things, most specifically money issues…but those are things we will manage to work out…i just can’t believe how expensive child care is…and the frustrating thing is i don’t make that much money but our gross household income is too much to qualify for government assistance…argh…oh well…think cute babybot thoughts…


One thought on “operation rescue babybot is a go!

  1. Dear Ultracutebot have i read right You have your babybot home :)) Im so happy for you reading this it is posted April so now May I am hoping all is well for you and your dear babybot that you got to spend Mothers Day with your child .. I enjoy reading your blog you are so very down to earth in how you express yourself and i can read the pain of your missing your child in other months past it really touched my heart. I do hope all is going favourably for you and babybot send you lots of loving care in thoughts wishing you both having good health happiness love and always some extra wealth comes your way does not go astray :)) stay strong & be kind to you don’t let yourself out of that equation hey ;)) Beez x

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