i suspect that my apt mgr is a blatant liar!


On May 28, 2011, I emailed apt mgr dude:

Dear ____________,

Would you please email me a copy of our lease when you have a moment? Also, I am working on getting in touch with our renter’s insurance provider re: adding [property management company name & address] onto our policy. Thank you.

No response.

I waited a few days and then wrote a note and faxed it, then wrote a second note a few days later and faxed that.

Still no response, nor was there at least acknowledgement of receipt of my correspondence.

On June 8th, I followed up via email:

Dear _______________,

I’ve tried several times via fax and once via email since May 28th to request a copy of our lease. Please call me to discuss the easiest way for me to obtain a copy at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

Finally, yesterday June 9th I receive this reply:

I just received your requests. My e-mail and fax have been down since 5/31/2011. My copier/fax machine was hit by lightening. Cannon repair services received the parts and repaired my systems last night.
I also just received the signed copy of your lease from our corporate office yesterday. The signed copy will be delivered to your apartment.
Do you still need a copy faxed? If so please provide me with your fax number and I will be happy to send it to you.
Thank You!
Property Manager
Struck by lightning? Maybe I’d believe it if it weren’t for apt mgr dude’s June 2nd email reply to CLW’s inquiry regarding pool privileges! So he was unable to send emails since May 31st yet somehow managed to email my fiance about the fucking pool? Maybe it was silly of me to expect, that after an email response like the above from apt mgr dude, I would actually receive a copy of my lease in some shape or form that same day.   I emailed him last night (10:52 p.m.) requesting that he fax a copy to my work fax# and asked when approximately I should expect a copy to be delivered to our apt. As of yet, I have not heard anything from him today, nor have I received a copy of my lease.

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