the grass is greener… syndrome


seriously, how often is the grass greener on the other side?! not very often, at least in my personal experience. my new job is making me miserable and i’ve only worked there for 4 days! i really should’ve appreciated my last job more, because my previous boss was reliable, fairly accommodating re: child care issues & family and she paid me every week without fail. i really should’ve have savored the consistency instead of allowing myself to get frustrated by it. also, my last boss has so much more experience, has a great track record and is meticulous about details. my new boss seems extremely flaky, inexperienced, unreliable with a less than solid track record and from what i’ve heard from my fellow co-workers, she doesn’t pay very well if she does pay at all…i wish i could have my old job back, why do i always realize how great things are after they are out of reach???


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