driving down 101…


i miss living in california so much. whenever i’m listening to nick 13’s solo album, I skip the song “101” because it reminds me of home. i’m worried about my financial situation, especially considering that I found out today that not only does my current boss have a tendency to be late with giving people their paychecks, but sometimes the checks she writes bounce…i can’t live with that much uncertainty…i’m an idiot for leaving my last job as a secretary for a reputable, experienced attorney that paid me reasonable wages (at least, reasonable in terms of the local standards) on time every week. also, i fucked up my car today while trying to get out of the ridiculously small, poorly constructed parking garage connected to the building I work in. now i can’t open my driver’s side door from the outside. i really should be sleeping but i don’t know what i’m going to do…oh yeah and another awful thing this week: toddlerbot’s preschool raised the rates for the new school year so I need to find a new less expensive/preschool or figure out alternative. i’m going off on random tangents…I can’t believe that the minimum wage for tipped employees in PA is $2.83/hr!!! In CA, the minimum wage for all types of employees is $8/hr! CA has better laws for meal breaks and other labor and non labor laws. At least in the Bay Area, it seems there is more recycling awareness and more recycle bins. A lot of public toilets have the little disposable toilet seat liners available in SF. oh and i miss all the wonderful food…japanese, chinese, mexican, italian, vietnamese—so much variety and flavors…oh and coffee shops!!!! berks county does not have enough coffee shops!!! in the bay area, there are usually coffee shops within a five mile radius (usually closer)….i can’t believe that there is only one starbucks in this area, aside from the starbucks in the exeter commons target but that doesn’t count because it’s not a standalone starbucks. ok i’m going to stop rambling for now and will attempt to sleep again


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