eerily cyclical…


a couple days ago i found one of my many partially-written-in journals stashed in one of the various unintentional hiding spots around the coinoperatedcutebot abode — the similarities between october of last year and the present were uncanny but in a banal sort of way…last year I was job hunting and was sitting on the rim of the toilet bowl of life prepared to jump in and flush myself down (ok so that’s a bit of a melodramatic way of describing it) when i was offered a retail job which i accepted only to receive a phone call shortly after from the attorney i ended up working for until august of this year…i also rediscovered playing literati (via yahoo games) which i have been periodically addicted to since approximately 2003 or 2004…at present, I was just offered a retail position which I accepted only to have a law firm call me about a possible interview…i am also again, obsessively playing literati…this time though, i think i will stick with the retail job and take a break from legal clerical support and try to improve my people skills which are most certainly lacking…

i’m sitting at my kitchen table in fleece hello kitty footie pajamas typing on my netbook at 1:43 a.m. i’m trying not to wake toddlerbot and the coinoperatedfuturehusband…

when i started this post i thought i might write something meaningful but all i came up with was this lousy steaming pile of virtual excrement….weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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