renewed misanthropy…


so it’s been almost a month since i started working as a sales associate at the local outlet mall and i have to say that i still hate retail and the shitheads that tear through the place i work at (and the thousands of places in this country just like it) with such a blatant disregard for common decency. the worst part is, i don’t have the comforting thought that my work is making a difference like i did the last 5 years i spent working as a legal assistant/paralegal. i am merely a miniscule cog in the corporate machine that cleans up after rich assholes that have nothing better to do than leave their disgusting disposable socks and other garbage through out the shoe department. ask for a fucking garbage can!!! i appreciate the people that ask for garbage cans or if i could throw something out for them because at least it’s not a surprise!!! today, when i was straightening up the shoes, i found a partially full cheese dipping sauce container in one of the shoe boxes. i just find it sad that the whole purpose of this job is basically to give bored rich people great deals on overpriced aesthetically pleasing impractical crap while keeping a smile on my face. i’m not helping someone file for divorce or custody of his/her child or sue the pants off of asbestos defendants — i sell so-called fashionable crap to insane bargain hunters who are insatiable anyway and are always looking for an additional percentage off no matter how marked-down an item is. but alas, i’m stuck with this job for now and i am thankful that i have a job at all.


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