Support Marriage Equality


After recently getting married for the second time, I realized how lucky I was to have been married once let alone twice, when other people in this country are still being denied this right because their relationships are deemed, by conservatives and religious nuts, “unconventional.” If two adults truly love each other, they should be able to marry. And if a gay couple has been married in one of the few states where same sex marriage is legal, the federal government and all states in this country should recognize this union as valid. I hope the Respect for Marriage Act, authored by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) will get passed soon and successfully reverse the bullshit Defense of Marriage Act. I hope the recent ruling regarding the unconstitutionality of CA Proposition 8 is a step toward same sex marriages being legalized in my home state.

I need to get ready for work but before I go here are some links:

Equality PA

Human Rights Campaign

Freedom to Marry

Respect for Marriage Act text

Equality CA


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