Wasting Tax Dollars on Semantics and Hate: PA HB 1434


this is the text from the e-mail I just sent to Representative Santoni:

Dear Rep. Santoni,

Please do not support HB1434. Please don’t support the spending of tax dollars on legislation that is discriminatory against the LGBT community and will not create jobs or help in any way to stimulate the Pennsylvania economy. In fact, if anything, the passage of something like this may deter people from moving to PA and cause existing residents to move to other states where gay
marriage is legal or at least where they acknowledge the validity of civil unions. I am a mother, and it saddens me to think that if my son were to grow up and happen to be gay and fall in love with another man, that he would be treated like a second rate citizen, denied the privilege of marriage just because of his sexual orientation. Changing the definition of marriage is not going to change the minds of the LGBT community and the family and friends that support them. Please do not waste tax dollars on SEMANTICS! Thank you.

Click here if you would like to contact your PA House representative but don’t know your district rep.


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