Harajuku Mini for Target


I love Harajuku Mini for Target but am a little disappointed that the line for boys ends at Size 5T. I guess it’s because Target marketing executives probably think that making Harajuku Mini for older boys would not be a great seller. I can’t say that I know they are wrong, but I can say that there are certainly boys older than 5 out there who would be more than happy to wear stylish clothes featuring cute animal cartoon characters and kitschy designs (there are plenty of 6+ boys who wear Pokemon and Spongebob themed clothing). But I digress…I am happy that the Harajuku Mini line has clothing for boys at all and of course buy them for my son (who loves them!) It just makes me sad that in a year or so, he won’t be able to fit into his Harajuku Mini clothes anymore, just as he has outgrown his Tokidoki Bambino clothes (which are not made anymore and were not available in sizes above 4T).  At any rate, Harajuku Mini can be purchased at select Target locations, online at Target.com and Ebay, particularly from awesome sellers like me!


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