so irritated…


i have a bleeping redirect virus on my computer that i can’t get rid of and it is driving me bonkers…i’ve tried so many free programs with very little results…

Free Antivirus/Antispyware programs that didn’t make my redirect virus go away (at least while browsing via firefox)

1. AVG


3.  I0Bit (detected some infected items but didn’t fix whatever is causing this redirect problem)

4. Malwarebytes

5. Spyware Blaster

6. BitDefender

7. Panda Cloud

8. Spyzooka (detected the most spyware, but would not remove for free)

9. Ad-Aware (I have McAfee on my computer and this isn’t compatible with that)

10. Norton Power Eraser

11. Microsoft Security Essentials

I’ve tried others too but my optics are heavy and my circuits feel rusty…I’ll update later…


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