QT’s food adventure #1


clw, toddlerbot and I decided to go to the local wegmans since we’d never been to one before and i have to say i was taken aback by the awesome selection. anyway, the international foods section actually had nanami togarashi which is something you don’t see at giant foods or weis…when i saw the nanami, i almost cried…not really, but i was making a lot of “eeeeeeeee!!!” and other assorted noises of surprise and joy while finding things that i’d been craving for i don’t know how long. anyway, i ended up buying a small tub of miyasaka awase miso paste, a package of hakubaku soba and a little cube of morinu firm tofu which i later turned into a filling decent tasting soup after adding some organic chicken broth that i had in the cupboard and frozen broccoli that was in the freezer…this concoction was based loosely on a recipe for miso soup on the morinu website…anyway, i think i did a decent job considering that i didn’t have dashi soup stock or green onions and the fact that i’d never used miso paste before (i’ve always used that instant miso soup powder which has the freeze dried tofu and stuff in it …just add water etc).

unrelated to my soup, i was also very happy that wegmans had jacob’s cream crackers because they taste good but especially because they make me think of my grandma….


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