poinsettia infestation…


i’m almost positive i’ve written about this online before…but maybe it was in some dead blog/journal from years ago i can’t remember now…at any rate, it’s that time of year again—the season of the poinsettia-infestation…christmas trees i can live with, but the poinsettias make me cringe…i remember one december during my high school years when i was living w/ my aunt V, being left at home during the holiday season while she went with her husband to Germany with one of those wretched crimson plants as my only company…i was given the option to go to Germany, but i worked in retail and risked losing my job if i took off more than a few days—and besides, aunt V charged me for living with her which i’m pretty sure wasn’t legal and i couldn’t afford to lose my job or else i wouldn’t be able pay her the $ she required…so anyway, ever since then i’ve hated poinsettia plants…they’ve become the symbol for everything i hate about the holidays…don’t get me wrong — there’s a lot to like about the holidays, but i do have a lot of not-so-great holiday memories that have all become associated with that stupid plant…although they aren’t as toxic as the urban legends have lead us to believe, their presence is poisonous to my disposition…overly dramatic, i  know…


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