holiday cheer or holiday sneer?


here’s a text that i sent to mr. bot this afternoon:

“In the spirit of the upcoming new year, I accepted gingersnapbot’s fb request. But be warned, if she posts preachy assed shit on my fb again, I won’t hesitate to delete her again. Sorry if that sounds bitchy but I really don’t need anymore pointless drama or unsolicited advice in my life but I do understand that she is 1/4 of toddlerbot’s parent team.”

why did i accept her friend request, despite our past social media based drama (not to mention the real life drama)? because i’m trying to make an effort to stay on decent terms with toddlerbot’s dad, mainly because i don’t want the kiddo to grow up thinking that i stood in the way of him maintaining a relationship w/ his dad. unfortunately, gingersnapbot is officially mrs. bot now and also the mother of mr. bot’s 1 year old daughter…i acknowledge that dealing with her is going to be an important part of keeping the peace between toddlerbot’s dad and i…besides, i miss and love mr. bot’s family, particularly the ex-inlawbots, and if i have any hopes of staying off their shit list, i have to swallow the contempt building up inside of me and keep the lines of communication between gingersnapbot and i open…

her comment on the whole acceptance of friend request thing: 

“my babydaddybabymama. Or is that my stepbabymama?”

I have to say, I am already regretting letting her back into my social media stream…I just want to paddle away…


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