Explanations are in order…


I shouldn’t have logged into Facebook this morning.

But before I explain why, here’s a little back story:  my ex-husband told me a couple months ago that he was having difficult times financially so when he had scheduled his visit to PA to visit the child formerly known as “babybot” (he’s 5 years old now!), he talked me into letting him stay at my apartment for over a week because otherwise he’d have to cut his trip short. Obviously, as much as he irritates me and as much as I didn’t want him staying in our apartment at all, let alone for over a week, I agreed because I didn’t want to feel like I had somehow “short-changed” my son & prevented him from spending more time with his dad. Additionally, the ex-husbot have an unofficial support arrangement set up which had been working more or less but since his financial situation went south, he told me he wasn’t able to contribute as much as he had been.

Now back to this morning: I logged into Facebook and one of the first things I see in my timeline is a close-up photo of my ex-husband’s wife’s brand new anniversary band with rose gold and diamonds! (You may be asking, why are you friends with his wife on Facebook in the first place? Good question: it’s because he guilt-tripped me into that too…Because according to him, I needed to let bygones be bygones, wipe the dirty slate clean and accept her as 1/4 of our parenting team. ) He hasn’t been in contact with me personally for weeks and he didn’t have time to speak with his own son on Father’s day…So…What was I supposed to think???

So about an hour ago, I sent him a text:

Me: Pls call or txt me.

Him: Hi whats up?

Me: Next time you tell your exwife you can’t afford to stay in a hotel & cant afford to give the usual amt in unofficial child support make sure your wife doesnt post a close up pic of her new anniversary band in fb (it should be on fb, stupid typographical errors!)  

Him: Excuse me. You dont know how that was paid for and how much. Please dont point accusatory thoughts or suggestions without knowing the whole story.

Me: Well whats the story? You have to admit it looks weird

Me: Like you weren’t being honest

I still have yet to receive an explanation…

Some may argue that’s it’s none of my business, and while that may be partially true,  my littleboybot’s stepdaddy & I aren’t exactly rolling around in money and I try very hard to be accommodating and understanding about the exhusbot’s financial situation so when I see gingersnapbot bragging about  a gift that he gave her that obviously cost a couple hundred dollars plastered all over Facebook, isn’t it understandable why I may be suspicious?


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