Since when did “Asian” become an eye color?


I clicked on the official Cabbage Patch Kids website this afternoon and was surprised by what I found. There is an option to sort the search results by “Eye Color”, allowing you to choose from the following:


Cabbage Patch - Eye Color

Hmmm…one of these things is not like the other..Blue, Brown, Green and Violet are all COLORS…Did I miss the memo about “Asian” becoming a color?! (If you’d like to see it for yourself, click here)

Cabbage Patch - Close Up Doll

While I appreciate that the makers of Cabbage Patch Kids were probably trying to be more inclusive by making this doll and trying to highlight its existence on the official Cabbage Patch Kids website, I couldn’t help but find this offensive and a little weird.

My son is in Kindergarten and despite having a diverse ethic make-up comprised of a combination of Swedish, Irish, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Filipino roots, at first glance most people probably see “Asian” kid. Children have already teased him in the form of pulling up the corners of their eyes, emphasizing that the shape of his eyes are different from theirs.

Listing “Asian” as an “Eye Color” is absurd because it obviously is an inaccurate categorization (eye color does not equal eye shape, DUH!) and it negates what possible good intentions the makers may have had by drawing unnecessary attention to the difference in eye shape, a bit like the insensitive children making “chinky eyes” in school.


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